Session 7 – Wrap up (19.11.15)

Today was the last session on commission editing taught by Tony Mason. As a recap, we discussed the REF, Open Access, and ‘Impact’ as well as the survey results from the surveys we released prior to this week to see what people thought about enhanced e-textbooks.
It was useful to go over all these things since it had been a while since certain topics had been explored, such as the REF, and I came out of the session feeling happy I had sufficient knowledge of commission editing.
A large proportion of all academics have a limited impact. The specialist area in which they write on is often read only by certain academics and students from specific departments. Yet they still provide something to the argument of that topic, so surely the impact in the context of academia remains to be of high value? It stands to reason then that you can still have an impact even if there is a very low impact upon the general reader. These are the types of things we talked about in this session.
As for enhanced e-textbooks, there is relative interest amongst the target surveyors of students and teachers. The overall consensus was that this would be a good idea, but people would still want to have a hard copy of the textbook too. This was quite an interesting result and it is something Tony Mason wrote down for future reference at Manchester University Press.
In all, I feel like I contributed well to the session – for example, I clarified for people what the REF stands for (Research Excellence Framework). I feel comfortable in all aspects of commission editing now, and will make sure I go over my notes so that I do not forget at a later date.

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