Session 15: Guest Speaker (25.02.16)

Today, Ness Wood came in to talk to us about her experiences in book design and impart knowledge to us about production. What I found particularly interesting is how paperback and hardbacks often have contrasting front covers – usually minimal changes, but changes all the same. She gave the example of supermarkets wanting book cover designs being presented in a certain way in order for them to add their price tags and other promotional stickers without obscuring the text. The example she used was ‘Jampires’ by Sarah McIntyre and David O’Connell. (see below for image). The positioning of the ‘jampires’ were changed for supermarkets. Customising designs to suit different providers definitely aroused my interest since I did not think this would be something a publishing company would be willing to do. Is this a direction in publishing that will become more affluent in the future? Various booksellers wanting different designs to suit their own purpose?

__ went on to discuss illustrators who are prolific in the publishing industry’s eye. Sarah McIntyre, Sue Heap, Mini Grey, and Shirley Hughes. It was beneficial to know who are the biggest figures within the picture book scene. Below are various examples of illustrations of those mentioned above.



After Wood’s talk, we were given the task of designing a new cover for the picture book ‘Lionheart’. This gave me the opportunity to practice cover design for my production assignment. I found this enjoyable and even though I have not finished I feel more comfortable using Photoshop to structure the front cover the way I want it. However, I will aim to do more in order to feel more than just ‘comfortable’, and more confident. In all, it was a very engaging lesson!

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