Session 16 – Font exercise (03.03.16)

In this session, the class were encouraged to practice and develop their eye for detail and appropriateness when applying suitable fonts to front covers. This was great use of time as part of my preparation for ‘Just So Stories’. By searching for fonts using websites such as and, I realised just how important it is to apply the right font to a front cover. Per cover, there is a limited selection of fonts that complements the cover design. That is the main lesson I learnt from doing this exercise; through theory alone, you cannot truly comprehend the necessity of using an appropriate font.

Above, are the front covers we were asked to consider fonts for. We were given the title and left to browse, which took longer than expected. Below are pictures showing the fonts I chose, whereby for each I gave a brief explanation for my decisions.


I definitely feel like it was worthwhile associating myself with typography and cover design. I have learnt to appreciate the time that is taken in the publishing industry to find the font. It has a huge influence in how well the book stands out on a bookshelf. The wrong font could be enough to jeopardise the sales of that book due to its lack of appeal. If the text is not clear enough from a distance, or when the image is a thumbnail online, then a great sounding title will be lost on a potential customer. If the font is sloppy, unappealing, illegible, or just unprofessional (such as the overly-used, and some would say abused, Comic Sans or Papyrus fonts), it will immediately turn off the reader (Linsdell).

For next week, I aim to take one of these covers and create a near-finished cover design, including front and back covers, spine, and flaps, as Becky has asked us to do.

Linsdell, Jo.(2014) Why Book Covers are So Important, Writers and Authors. [accessed 8 March 2016].

1001freefonts. [accessed 8 March 2016].

Dafont. [accessed: 8 March 2016].


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