Session 17: Designing interior layouts (Part 1) – 10.03.16

For the first part of this session, Becky Chilcott primarily discussed the cover designs we did last week, giving us constructive criticism which will be very useful and insightful for future practice. This was the first real cover I had created and I did struggle somewhat to get the effects I wanted to work straight away, but the little mistakes I made will be rectified now that Becky has guided and instructed me on how to improve the design. For example, the main mistake I made was setting it to Portrait instead of Landscape without realising. Incidentally, the cover looked odd; more like a map layout than a fiction book. I learnt that sticking to the brief is very important; little mistakes won’t be made that way and will make the design accurate. For future reference too, I will now make sure that I am not too close to the bleed like this is below. Little things are forgotten sometimes, particularly when it’s something new, so now I can look forward with an aim to make better spreads. However, despite the errors in my first attempt at a cover, there are positives to be taken, such as my effective use of photoshop, typography and general basic InDesign layout skills which are proven here. This gives me confidence and reassurance.

Cover Task.jpg

For the second part of the lesson, Becky introduced us to typesetting. This involves how the text is laid out and eliminating inconsistencies and punctuation errors whilst also giving the text an identity. For example, a little illustration that matches the front cover could appear on each chapter title, such as the stars in the later editions of Harry Potter.

  (Google Images, 2015)

It was definitely worthwhile looking at how to typeset. Not only is the knowledge in this area critical for my typesetting assignment, but also in the publishing world, whereby even if I do not become a typesetter, knowledge of its process will be advantageous in the workplace.


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